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Who I am
I was born on September 19, 1963 in Uzbekistan, in a Korean family that was deported like other political victims from the Soviet Far East.
Despite the strict Soviet interdiction till Perestroika against learning about native origins, I was interested in other cultures as well as in my own - Korean. That’s why I spent a lot of time studying the principals of oriental Art.
Later in Saint Petersburg (former Leningrad), my efforts to learn about Korean as well as Occidental art, culture and art techniques were supported by my professors, especially in works on this topic, where its own ethnic character is still preserved.
Also my artistic activity has one more facet: martial arts. I have already earned several trophies, but I would like to continue developing this passion of mine.
And for my friends I keep my guitar to accompany the songs of our youth.

Art Education
2004 – 2007. Doctorate
University Paris-VIII, « The ethno-historical aspects of the Metalcrafts of Muscovite»

2004. Post-graduate, diploma
University Paris-VIII, «Transmission of the Altaian Metalcrafts to Ancient Korea»

16.02. 1999. Defence of the Candidate dissertation
International Centre of Korean Studies near of the Moscow State University, “Korean Metalcrafts of the XIX-XXth centuries. The origines. The evolution. The Traditions”

19941997. Post-graduate
Department of the History of Art and Culturology, The St. Petersburg National High School of Applied Arts

1987 - 1991. Diploma
Department of Metal Art, The St. Petersburg National High School of Applied Arts

1982 - 1987. Studies
Department of the Monumental Sculpture, Tashkent National High School of Arts, USSR

1978 - 1982. Diploma
Interior design department, College of Arts of Samarkand, USSR

Professional Experience
2008. LAPPARRA, Paris, creation and development of the unique silver and bronze sculptures

2007. DECOR & COMPAGNIE, Chilly-Mazarin, decoration designer


2006. APAJH, Antony, Art teacher

2000 - 2002. Assistant of Professor, Department of the History of Art and Culturology, University of the Human Sciences of St. Petersburg


1998 - 2002. Main designer, company «Jewel Production» of St. Petersburg

1995 - 2000. Lector, department of the History of Art and Culturology, National High School of Applied Arts of Saint-Petersburg


1997. Cycle of conferences «History of the Korean Decorative Art», State University of Saint-Petersburg


1996. Cycle of conferences «Russian Applied Arts. Yesterday and Present», South Korea: Seoul National University
Dangook University
Kyonggi University

1991 - 1992. Restaurateur, Museum near of the National High School of Applied Arts of St.Petersburg

1979 - 2007. Participation in the local, national and international Art exhibitions

1979 to Present. Realisations in different materials and techniques

Design, modelling, marking-out, drilling, cutting, chasing, joining; assembly, polishing, main jewellery techniques, enamelling
Teaching of the history of Art & Culture about Russia and Far East
Teaching of the Karate

My team of karate EKV


Competition in honour of Claude Saliou, Gand Dome, Villebon, 24.01.2009

Also I have one more aspect of my artistic activity. These are Marshall Arts. I have realised already several trophies, but I would like to continue this reflection of my grand passion as well as my own practice of Karate since my youth.

Now I am 2nd Dan of Karate Shotokan and hope to attain and understand again something in this Art.

And for my friends I keep my guitar for accompaniment of the songs of our Youth.

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